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London Tales

Amidst the UK's celebrations over its winning bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, sentiment among residents, businesses and employees in the neglected industrial corner of East London, where the games will be held, has been far more ambiguous. The controversy surrounding the compulsory purchasing of land from businesses’ and residents - a policy pursued on a scale not seen since the end of WWII – put the spot light on the government and its rush to appease the International Olympic Committee. The forced resettlement of residents and local businesses, many of whom have resided here for generations, has brought into focus the fragility of our rights to property and provoked a sense of dislocation from the communities and environment we call home.

This publication is a unique collaboration between Jason Larkin and the award-winning poet Francesca Beard. Her poetry and writing explores the historical and cultural connection for a fictional group of residents barricaded in an empty tower block soon to be demolished. Whilst Jason’s images examine the landscape and environment of communities forcibly removed and businesses destroyed all for an event that lasts less than three weeks.

Publisher: Self Published/Arts Council, Oct 2008
Text: Francesca Beard
Binding: Stapled, Digital
Extent: 32 Pages
Trim Size: 260mm x 220mm
Photographs: 34 colour
Design: Lee Belcher (Wallpaper)
Price: (Sold Out)
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