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Past Perfect

Past Perfect (2008 - 2016), is a photographic series highlighting the pervasive and visual relationship of war and conflict within public museums. These images form a study on how this violent past is preserved and presented to society across the world.

History is ultimately a representation of the past, defined through a reconstruction of memory and objects. With their vast access to knowledge, museums have become our modern day cathedrals. However, they are not solely concerned with historic moments, but also with ideas; notions of what the world is, and how it should be framed. They play an important, and too often, unquestioned role in constructing ideologies and the interpretation of our identities.

Past Perfect highlights the ambiguous space occupied by museums as they negotiate and build meanings through the curation of artefacts and memory, where fact and fiction can fuse, and the harsh reality of conflict is simplified.

Working throughout Cuba, Egypt, Israel, UK, USA and Vietnam, I have focused on the infrastructure and artifice of these spaces, to bring a new perspective on how manufactured history and memory can be within the museum space.

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