Jason Larkin (b 1979) is a British photographer, internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects, environmental portraiture and landscape reportage. His immersive process and slower approach to journalism allow for comprehensive bodies of work that reveal and frame important social, economic and political issues. His work is subtle and layered and often concerned with contextualising present realities through historical legacies.

After completing his M.A. in 2007, Jason moved to Egypt. His first book Cairo Divided (Self-published, 2011) a unique and freely distributed bilingual newspaper exploring the capital’s rapidly-mutating urban landscape was nominated for the Deutsche Börse and Prix Pictet photography awards.

In 2011, he moved to Johannesburg for over two years to focus on the legacy of the vast gold mining waste, a long ignored aspect of Johannesburg. Jason used a variety of formats, such as newspaper, book and media channels to ensure his work reached multiple and diverse audiences. This multifaceted work was printed in South Africa as a bilingual publication After the Mines (Fourthwall, 2013) and a monograph Tales From The City Of Gold (Kehrer, 2013) in Europe.

He continued to explore the South African mining landscape, focusing on the divisions within the platinum mining communities of Rustenberg. Platinum (Fourthwall, 2015) was published as a collection of posters and a bilingual essay by writer and long time collaborator Jack Shenker. His most recent book Waiting (Photoworks, 2015) is a collection of portraits of people waiting for unspecified reasons throughout the streets of Johannesburg.

Jason’s work is published regularly by leading international magazines including Colors, FT Weekend, Monocle, Guardian Weekend, and National Geographic. Recent exhibitions include the Museum of Photography Braunschweig (Germany), Flowers Gallery, (UK), Unseen, (Holland) and Hyeres Photography & Fashion Festival (France). His work is held in the permanent collections of the Haggerty Museum (USA), The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (USA) and Johannesburg Library Collection (South Africa).


Awards & Grants

Hyeres Photography Award, Shortlisted (France, 2016) – Waiting
POPCAP African Photography Award, Winner (Germany, 2016) – Waiting
Arles Text & Photo Book Award, Shortlisted (France, 2016) – Platinum
Prix Pixtet Award, Nomination (2016, UK) – Waiting
Arts Council England, R&D Grant (UK, 2015)
SA-UK Season, Grant winner (SA & UK, 2015) – Waiting
BJP International Photography Awards, Runner Up (UK, 2015) – Waiting
RLS Foundation, Grant winner (UK, 2015) – Platinum
Prix Pixtet Award, Nomination (2015, UK) – Platinum
FotoDocument, Grant winner (UK, 2014) – Targeting The Unseen
Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting, Grant winner (USA, 2014) – Tremors Below
Conscientious Portfolio Prize, Finalist (UK, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
PDN Photo Annual, Best Photography Book, Winner (USA, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Renaissance Photography Prize, Winner (UK, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Prix Pixtet Award, Nomination (UK, 2013) – Ascension & Tales From The City Of Gold
Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, Nomination (UK, 2013) – Cairo Divided
Ithuba Arts Grant, Recipient (South Africa, 2012)
Prix Pixtet Award, Nomination (UK, 2012) – Cairo Divided
Arnold Newman New Portraiture Prize, Winner (USA, 2011) – Past Perfect
PDN Annual, Winner (USA, 2011) – Past Perfect
FOAM ‘Paul Huff’ Award, Nomination (Netherlands, 2011)
Prix Pixtet Award, Nomination (2011, UK) – Past Perfect
Magenta Flash Forward, Winner (Canada, 2011) – Cairo Divided
WPGA Photography awards, Shortlisted (USA, 2011) – Past Perfect
Renaissance Photography Prize, Shortlisted (UK, 2011) – Past Perfect
Hereford Photography Festival Commission, Winner (UK, 2010)
Magenta Flash Forward, Winner (Canada, 2010) – Past Perfect
Fuji Film Distinctions Award, Finalist (UK, 2009) – Past Perfect
WestPhoto Awards, Finalist (UK, 2008) – Mumbai Rising
British Journal of Photography Assistance Awards, Finalist (UK, 2008) – Mumbai Rising
Fuji Film Distinctions Award, Finalist (UK, 2008) – Mumbai Rising
Recipient of the Indian national Trust of Arts and Culture Grant, (UK/India, 2007)
Shots Annual Photography Award, Highly Commended (UK, 2007) – Mumbai Rising


Solo Exhibitions

Flowers Gallery (UK, 2017) – Past Perfect
Braunschweig Museum of Photography, (Germany, 2016) – Past Perfect (Link)
Flowers Gallery (UK, 2014) – Tales From The City Of Gold (Link)
Edition Gallery (South Africa, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Hereford Photography Festival (UK, 2011) – Semblance (Link)
Farnsworth Art Museum (USA, 2011) – Past Perfect (Link)


Selected Group Exhibitions

Unseen, (Holland, 2017) – Past Perfect
Photo Phnom Penh, (Cambodia, 2017) – Past Perfect
Blue Sky Gallery, (USA, 2017) – Waiting
Landskrona Photography Festival, (Sweden, 2016) – Waiting
Hyeres Photography and Fashion Festival, (France, 2016) – Waiting
FotoFest 2016 Biennial, (USA, 2016) – Tails from the City of Gold
Paris Photo, (France, 2015) – Waiting
Chicago Architecture Biennial, (USA, 2015) – Tails from the City of Gold
Gextophoto Festival, (Spain, 2015) – Waiting
Brighton Photography Biennial, (UK, 2014) – Targeting The Unseen
Guernsey Photography Festival, (UK, 2014) – Tales From The City OF Gold
Unseen Festival, (Holland, 2014) – Tales From The City OF Gold
Shanghai Art Fair, (China, 2014) – Tales From The City OF Gold
Flowers Gallery, (USA, 2014) – Past Perfect
Total Arts Gallery, (UAE, 2013) – Cairo Divided
Commune.1 Gallery, Fissure (South Africa, 2013) – Ascension (Link)
Wapping Project, Renaissance Exhibition (UK, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Musée de l’Elysée, Nuits Des Images (Switzerland, 2013) – Cairo Divided (Link)
040 Photofestival (Germany, 2013) – Past Perfect
Bishopgate Institute, This Is Not A Gateway Festival (UK, 2013) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Constitution Hill, Expressions Of Freedoms (South Africa, 2013)
Kalashnikovv Gallery (South Africa 2013) – Ascension
Brighton Photo Biennial (UK, 2012) – Cairo Divided (link)
Flowers Gallery, Uncommon Ground (UK, 2012) – Ascension
Ithuba Gallery (South Africa, 2012) – Tales From The City Of Gold
Book Arts Fayre (UK, 2012) – Cairo Divided
Margate Photo Festival (UK, 2012) – Cairo Divided
Atlantis Gallery, Photo voice (UK, 2012) – Cairo Divided
Belfast Photography Festival, (Ireland, 2011) – Past Perfect
Host Gallery, Summer Show (UK, 2011) – Mistake Of Nature
Mall Galleries (UK, 2011) – Past Perfect
La Galerie Minature, See You Soon (Germany, 2011) – Past Perfect
Photofusion Gallery, SS10 (UK, 2010) – Past Perfect
La Galleria, PhotoVoice (UK, 2010) – Past Perfect
Host Gallery, Summer Show (UK, 2010) – Past Perfect
Hereford Photography Festival, Open (UK, 2010) – Past Perfect
Richard Crane Gallery (UK, 2010) – Past Perfect
Magenta Festival (Canada, 2010) – Past Perfect
Brighton Photo Fringe (UK, 2009) – Past Perfect
C.I.C Gallery (Egypt, 2009) – Past Perfect
Total Arts Gallery (UAE, 2009) – Yemen
Shunt Vaults (UK, 2007) – Mumbai Rising
Space Gallery (UK, 2007) – Tracing layers
Gallery West (UK, 2007) – Mumbai Rising



Waiting, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Published by Photoworks UK and Fourthwall, 2015
Platinum, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Essay by Jack Shenker. Published by Fourthwall, 2015
Tales From The City Of Gold, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Essay by Mara Karda-Nelson & Julian Rodriguez. Published by Kehrer Verlag, 2013 (Link)
After The Mines, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Essay by Mara Karda-Nelson. Zulu Translation by Thandiwe Nxumalo Kunutu. Published by Fourthwall Books, 2013 (Link)
Cairo Divided, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Essay by Jack Shenker. Self Published, 2011
London Tales, Photographs by Jason Larkin. Poetry by Francesca Beard. Published by Arts Council, 2008


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Artist Talks / Lectures

Associate Lecturer, London College of Communication, UK
Arts University Bournemouth, UK
Brighton Photo Biennale, UK
Cairo Image Collective, Egypt
David Krut Gallery, South Africa
Edition Space, South Africa
Flowers Gallery, UK
Frontline Club with Max Houghton, UK (Link)
Frappant, 040 Festival für Fotografie, Germany
Hereford Photography Festival, UK
Ithuba Gallery, South Africa
Phoenix Gallery, UK
London College of Communication (LCC), UK
The Book Lounge with Sean O’Toole, South Africa
University of Falmouth, UK
University of Westminster, UK
University of The West of England, UK
WITS University, South Africa



Brighton University, UK
Arts University Bournemouth, UK
Cairo Image Collective, Egypt
Thokoza, South Africa
University of The West of England, UK